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We are a three generational family living together happily. I am 75, my son, Chris is 51, his wife, Gail is a few years younger and my grandson, Aaron is 20. It isn’t easy in these times for anyone, I know, and we have our share of financial stress. No matter how hard you work, bills pile up, prices increase and pressures mount.

I have my Social Security and minimal dissipated income from various less than fantastic Network Marketing plans I have participated in over the years, while Chris, Gail and Aaron are all working. Fortunately we have good health and keep our immune systems high. Because I have literally tried almost everything, if I recommend anything to you it is because it has proven to be very reliable.

One day Chris came home with a book by Robert Kiyosaki, RICH DAD, POOR DAD. It literally changed our basic mode of thinking about MONEY. Chris has always had a knack for locating important information, and this time he really struck pay dirt.

He read it and quickly handed it to me to absorb, saying he “wanted an opinion from the woman who inhales books for fun”. I read it over and was impressed by the simple way in which Kiyosaki explains the basics of finance and how to get out of the “RAT RACE”!

This wasn't a "get rich quick" scheme (had enough of those!), but rather an entirly different way of thinking about money.

Chris shortly ordered Kiyosaki’s game, Cash Flow 101, and our family and friends enjoy playing it. Chris and Gail have even driven to Dallas to play at Borders Book Store with the Dallas Cash Flow Game Group! It’s much more fun than Monopoly, while being realistic at the same time. It realigns your attitude to finance, making it fun to deal with. You gain a lot of knowledge and can see with clarity what you can do to make sound business decisions.


As a result, instead of frittering away cash on “DOODADS” we have all been working together to stabilize our personal and family financial statements! It has promoted a lot of camaraderie in a joint viewpoint.

Even my grandson, Aaron, is fascinated with the basic tenets of the book and the game, and is devoting considerable time following up leads on potential methods of developing passive income. He’s getting good at it! Impulse buying is a thing of the past, and something we don’t miss.

Chris, who teaches Marketing, E-Commerce and Web Site Design at Oklahoma City Community College got the idea of setting up our own family corporation, Ascending Enterprises, Inc., to apply the lessons we learned from Kiyosaki in order to manhandle our personal financial world, and it is looking brighter! We are far more optimistic than we were.

We strongly recommend Kiyosaki’s books, and especially his games. If you feel like you are in a “RAT RACE” give these a try and lift up your life!




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