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Ask Lois to create your own personal numerology reading.

Numerology should not be confused with Astrology. However, the two have never been in disagreement by results, rather validating the other. They both were traditionally studied in ancient times.

Pythagoras was a numerologist. Numerology goes back to India, and earlier ages. In the past there were not only court astrologists, but also court numerologists and both were used for making decisions.  Even the late Buckminster Fuller wrote extensively about numerology and the unique qualities and nature of numbers.

The vibrations of numbers and letters are like musical notes, each having its own timbre and, in combinations, producing melodies applicable to life. Perhaps the Reformation condemned both astrology and numerology because it gave individuals more control over their own beingness. I have known people to consider this "the work of the devil", and nothing could be further from the truth.

MandellaWhen we have a new baby in our family it is my pleasure to run a numerology report with the birth date and the full name. It gives a good picture of their personality, as it is highly indicative. This would really enhance the direction of their life. For instance, if a child has a 5 life path (love of change, variety and adventure) one would know not to try to restrain their curiosity, and would not expect them to plod through life rigidly!

The birth date is not variable, but the naming is. I recommend choosing names before birth, as that is a strong lifelong influence and the influences begin when the name is chosen! Had I only known I would not have named my son Christopher Andrew Brown. My reasoning? With the name Brown, my thought was to give him a name not easily confused with Tom, Dick or Harry.

As each designated letter has an influence, as well as the number of years that vibration holds an effect, and the completion and turnover of that name brings quicker advancement in life. Therefore, it will take him 67 years to live through "Christopher" one time, 29 years to live through "Andrew" and 27 years for him to live through "Brown"! It is advisable to have one short name for quickly building experience, such as "Ann" (11 years) or Lee (13 years). I have a very fortunate great niece who is named Lee Anne. With 13 years for Lee and 16 years for Anne she is quite fortunate!

Then there is the matter of compatibilities! The name of the child can be compared with the names of the parents, so that conflicting tendencies can be avoided. The total of all of the letters, shows what one is destined for in life. It reveals your purpose - your appointed spiritual mission.

In the case of Christopher Andrew Brown, his total is 15/6 - the 1 of leadership, the 5 of love of adventure, change and variety and the 6 of home, family and responsibility, often referred to as "the teacher" That is his spiritual mission!
His birth date 10-25-1950 indicates a life path of 23/5 he is tactful, diplomatic, capable of doing two things at once (2), creative and spiritual (3) and the final number or total (5) repeats an important part of his name total - thereby doubly accentuating his love of adventure, change and variety! The leadership is there and, fortunately, the 6 balances as love of home and family with responsibility, also known as "the teacher" so he does not run around haphazardly!

Also, I really don't recommend naming one's son "Jr." as too much duplication of vibrations might over-accentuate some mutual vibrations and cause conflict. Better to let this new member of the family have a clean slate to start off with! Let's say the father, Sam, is naming his son Sam also. In a prenatal condition the baby is AWARE of what is going on around him. If the mother becomes upset with the father and calls him some unflattering names, the baby is apt to take that personally and have an unpleasant association - or a guilt complex!

I studied under one of the best teachers in Los Angeles, Jean Easton, in 1972.  Shirlie Edrington, a psychic and good friend of mine in California, said to me one day, "You should take Jean Easton's numerology class." When I asked her why, she said to ask Jean. I called Jean, who asked my birth date. Then she told me that I had many psychic abilities, but that this would complete a "spoke in the wheel for me.

I was a little reluctant, but went to the first class. As an illustration she used my husband's birth date. I was amazed at how it nailed what had occurred to him in his life, what was going on at the time, and where it was going (which later proved to be correct!) It was so right on that it shocked me! Then it was like meat and potatoes to me, and I was running charts first thing in the morning and last thing at night, because it helped
me understand myself, my friends and relatives.

archaic numerology chartIt also helped me understand why, when I had always been a straight A math student, I hate routine work with numbers, such as accounting. I dislike filling out forms. Sometimes I wondered why I had such a facility for math, but did not like to use it. After studying numerology I realized that numbers to me were like a game, rather than work. The vibrations are totally different in this respect - like melodies or chords.

I taught a class for senior citizens at a university. One day to illustrate a point I casually did a numerology chart. The students were all excited, and off and on I would do others until they had all been completed. What was so fascinating was that these people had lived through a number of pinnacles and challenges already, and they could spot the validity.

"That's right," they would say, "That's when ........" It was a further step for me to see this lighten them up, encourage them and give them an enhanced view of life! As the semester came to a close they looked and acted twenty years younger than at the beginning of the class.

It was a joy for me to be able to help them look at their life in a positive way, to give them an overview with encouragement and understanding.

The interpretation is always on a positive note, although some people can go against it - say "I'm not going to do that" but, as Jean said, life always brings them back to it eventually. It is a valid indicator of life paths- both major and minor, but it does not force one. If one chooses a negative path and goes against himself, that is his choice!

One distinctive chart I did was one of the few that had solid zeros as challenges. The only other chart I have ever found the same was one of my senior citizens. I asked Jean about the first one, and she told me that this was a situation where the individual is responsible for making a proper decision. If the decision is made with ethics their life can be ideal.  However, she added, if the caution is ignored, unethical decisions can tear up his/her life.
Celtic Knot
I warned the person. Later, when I saw her doing things which were highly incorrect, I cautioned her to remember her chart. She said flippantly, "I know, Lois." She didn't, unfortunately, and brought pain to her life and caused problems for a number of innocent people as a result. She has, finally, a number of years later, appeared to have turned her life around, and I am glad. Too bad she didn't listen the first time!

The second person, the senior citizen, was very considerate and ethical, and had a happy, fulfilling life. Jean gave as an example a helicopter pilot who rescued soldiers during the Vietnam War. He risked his life constantly for others. When his helicopter crashed he was horribly burned and shipped to a burn center in Texas. He was so bad that they did not remove his bandages for a long time. When they did, they were expecting him to be badly scarred, but he had new skin like a baby. As she said, when you live in a correct way, miracles can happen!




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