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Secrets of Mayan Science/ReligionSecrets of Mayan Science/Religion, by Hunbatz Men

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I met Hunbatz Men when I went to the Yucatan for the Spring Equinox in 1995 at Merida. We toured a number of the Pyramids and had a most illuminating and spiritual time at the ceremonials at various pyramids in the area.

Chichen ItzaWatching the morning sun slowly illuminate the stairs at Chichen Itza revealing the snake design was breathtaking. I had always wanted to visit the pyramids of the Yucatan. It was a dream of mine, finally achieved, after reading a book about them in high school. The jungles were beautiful, the ocean the loveliest shade of aqua, the pyramids awesome, and the natives most welcoming. I shall never forget it.

It was a wonderful time with 400 people from around the world. I had not known any of them before the trip. As a matter of fact, my son, Chris, had received an invitation to attend and said, "I can't go now, but I think it's your time to go." And I did.

One of our final day trips was to Agua Azul (Blue Water) for purification rites which were held in the water below the falls. I enjoyed meeting the native Mayans and seeing their various booths. One woman had a little girl toddler, and her wares were displayed on a quilt on the ground. Retrieving my Spanish from high school lessons, I helped divert some of the trade from the more professional booths by translating for her to some of my group. It was a happiness to see her brighten, as she was also pregnant with another child. When I left she embraced me warmly.

Agua AzulOne unforgettable incident was when one of the women in the group became hysterical while in the water. Hunbatz' reaction was instantaneous and calming. He took a small, flat rounded stone from the pool and placed it on her tongue, then faced her with his hands forming an open triangle between his thumb and forefinger of each hand. Slowly, she duplicated his gesture. Without words he calmed her completely.

On the return trip we stopped at a seaside restaurant and I sat beside him and, complimenting him on his quiet handling of the situation, remarked that when I got back home and was around anyone hysterical I was going to put a stone in their mouth. He smiled and said gently and with dry humor, "A lot of Americans could use that!"

If you ever have an opportunity to attend a tour of the pyramids with Hunbatz Men, I recommend it! He is a most astute, but warm person, and a wonderful example for all people.

Hunbatz Men



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