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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." ~Loren Eiseley Pure Life Giving Water

In the beginning, there were Prill Beads. This was the only water transformation technology that Global Light Network sold and it is indeed an awesome technology.

In 1997 I met Anni Hollingsworth in Hawaii.  Since then we have corresponded occasionally, and when she wrote me on last year, Subject: "Two Gallons of Prill Water Clears Pond!" I was immediately alert.  Anni and I had a strong psychic connection from our first meeting, and I was very interested!  This was my introduction to Prill Water 

She wrote, "How about this folks!  Got Prills?  What would happen to your septic system or the sewer system in your city if you dumped a gallon now and then?  I put some prill water down the shower drain and got rid of some bad odor that was starting to creep up through that area.  I have used a gallon to flush my toilet to help clear it and the septic tank.

"Got rivers or lakes or ponds nearby?  This story proves it won't take much effort on anyone's part if we each do our little part to help clean up the waters of the world.

"LET'S GET BUSY FOLKS!!  Just one caution:  Don't overdo it or
put Prill or Magic Water in your aquarium with your goldfish.  In a small space, the fish depend on all the oxygen they can get from that water.  Prill Water has very little oxygen in it (However, they it is very effective in other ways.)

Reflective LakeIf Prill Water can clean up radical pollution, just think of how much good it is doing in our bodies?  I thank God and all the people who have worked so diligently to make these incredible products available."

"Phase out anything you feel lukewarm about. Embrace everything you agree with and believe in with all your heart."

 We have been using the Prill Beads to make wonderful drinking water in a gallon glass jug which, after 24 hours, will produce 3 quarts of pure healing water hourly - and the Prill Beads last forever!

Once the water is made you can put it in plastic "designer" water bottles and it won't leach the plastic.

Our lamed Dalmatian is recovered 95% in agility and both our dogs lap up the water eagerly.  A friend whose cat was vomiting and could not keep anything down drank two bowls of Prill Water and it stayed down!

We are drinking more water than ever before, use it to make coffee, tea and cook with!

If Prill Water can clean up radical pollution, just think of how much good it is doing in our bodies? 

NOW, GLN also offers Cosmic Energy Stones, used to make Cosmic Water

Cosmic Energy Stones are based on Laminar crystal technology. A very high concentration of the crystals are blended with a high-end ceramic clay. When this blend is fired at a certain, very high temperature, an alchemical transformation occurs and the resulting Cosmic Energy Stones have properties that are greater than the sum of the ingredients that go into the creation of the Stones. The Stones are about ¾ inch in diameter and seem somewhat fragile.  In truth, they are almost indestructible and, even thrown against a concrete surface, probably would not break.

When the Stones are placed in the presence of water, under specified conditions, a transformation of the water occurs and Cosmic Water is created. This water has properties most like the ancient, legendary waters of antiquity that supported and sustained life spans far beyond what is the present day norm. Perhaps Cosmic Water is most like the waters of the Fountain of Youth? Experience it and tell us what you think!

On the Home Page of is a link to a twenty page Users Guide that provides a wealth of information about making Cosmic Water, uses for Cosmic Water and the science behind Cosmic Water and Cosmic Energy Stones.  This is the kind of information you have always wanted about Prill Beads…and we are working on that…but Here and Now you have an encyclopedia of information about Cosmic Energy Stones and Cosmic Water.. 

Oh, did I forget to tell you about the stunning TESTIMONIALS in the Users Guide??  Find a comfortable chair and be prepared to be amazed!!



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Last Updated 06/24/08

Due to FDA regulations, we make no health related claims as to what the Cosmic Water or Prill Water can accomplish.  However, we can relay what users have reported.  Although users have encountered remarkable results, we can make no recommendations.  Nor can we prescribe or diagnose for any condition.  The Cosmic Energy Stones and Prill Beads are presented simply as experimental tools and you are encouraged to explore the results you obtain and give us feedback on them.