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Amazon John Easterling
I am not going to give you a long list of testimonials. I could, but I think if you look at Amazon John's web site and try the tea and some of the herbs you will be making your own personal testimonials! Check it out at: where their products are explained.

If you call their toll free number, 800-835-0850, give my name, Lois Lenz and ID# 40502, you can order at the wholesale price. I promise, you will never regret it!

I operate strongly by intuition. Something feels "right" or it doesn't! About a year ago I received an unsolicited tape cassette through the mail. Instead of consigning it to the trash, I listened to it, and was very glad that I did.

"Amazon John" Easterling told in an easy conversational tone about how he was in the Peruvian jungle as a treasure hunter. "I was on the riverbank with my dugout canoe - sweating, chilled and exhausted with a low-grade jungle fever when the Shipibo Indians found me. They took me into their village and offered me some Una de Gato and Chanca Piedra teas. I drank about a liter of this combination. By morning the fever was broken and I was feeling better. I had no idea how this experience would change my life."

Ten years earlier he had suffered Hepatitis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, culminating in a near-death experience in a hospital in North Carolina. Since then he had been continually challenged by a compromised liver, chronically low energy, fatigue, ungroundedness, unclear thought processes and, all in all, for years he had been operating at abut 60% of optimal efficiency.

Nothing had prepared him for his awakening to the bio-energetic principles of the Rainforest.

After about ten days of using the Rainforest herbs he was in better health than ever with clarity of thought, energetic power and internal chi, breathing easier and his posture was more erect. "A couple of days further upriver, I stepped out of the dugout canoe into a double canopy forest...........I felt a very powerful energy coming from the forest.....I felt an awakening and I realized that I was standing in the highest concentration of life-energy on our planet. Incredible symbiotic relationships were all around me....... the living forest maintains its ecological harmony." John realized, after all the years of treasure hunting in the jungle, that the real treasure of the Rainforest was the life giving properties of the Rainforest itself!

Amazon John, as the natives know him, holds a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina. He has received an Honorary Masters Degree in Herbology, and the Amazon Herb Company has become the premier harvester of fresh herbs from the Amazon Jungle. His company is providing a way that the native people can honorably make a living and save their Rainforest. The herbs are hand harvested fresh and inspected, never fumigated or irradiated. Amazon John has been developing strong relationships with the indigenous tribes in South America for over 22 years.

For the first three years, Amazon Herb Company sold these professional quality products only through doctors and health care practitioners. Through research, validation and use, they learned that these herbs could be arranged in formulas that would balance and harmonize body systems so many more people could experience the wonder of the Amazon Herbs.

I have been so happy that I was introduced to these products through, first, the Shipibo Treasure Tea. After one week I happened to notice that when I got the morning paper I could read without my glasses, not only the headlines, but the small print below! I have shared this with many people who are amazed at their improvement in many different ways. We have a coffee pot dedicated to making Shipibo Tea! When it's low I hear, "We're out of tea!" Gradually we tried their other products (I like the liquids - just dink them into the tea and drink!) and love them. Now that we have the Prill Water, which enhances whatever it is combined with, we use our Prill water in the pot of tea.

A friend who had Hepatitis C resigned her job because she was so exhausted. I called her and we met, with samples of the Shipibo Tea and some literature, as well as a tape by Amazon John. She called the next morning in amazement because she had so much energy. Her husband had come home with a headache and she reused the bags for tea. He drank it and was amazed when his headache went away. She said, "I just kept thinking there was something out there that would work for me, and I found it!" She has become a dedicated Amazon Herb user! Her vitality is high, she is only taking minimal pain medication (as opposed to mega medication) and we laugh a lot! She is so grateful for the Amazon herbs. She has progressed so much she really cannot believe it - except that she does! I'm very happy for her. She can't wait to share this with her relatives and friends, especially where she used to work.

My great nephew in San Antonio tried a sample of the Shipibo tea and wrote: "I enjoyed the Shipibo Tea. Very much to my suprise, it started working immediately. I mean within 3 to 4 sips. That day I had been in pain all day long. I had a massive sinus headache and allergies were at an all time high. I had been drinking green tea all afternoon with little effect. I went to a friend's house to share the Shipibo tea with him. I had told him that you have been sending me things on health related products and info, and that I was saving a sample of tea for us to try out. Being in Martial Arts, he was already into herbal teas. He was the one who switched me over from coffee to herbal tea. Having left the Dojo, we tried a sample of the tea. After just a few sips, my sinus cavities started tingling. I thought to myself, 'No way! Not this soon!' but the more I sipped, the more my head cleared up. I'm talking within 10 to 15 minutes I was starting to feel great (after feeling like hell all day). My friend also noticed the difference. He couldn't believe the immediate effect it had. Starting to feel rejuvenated, we boiled up another pot. I could not believe the results, much less the energy, I received from the tea."

Another friend whom I met through the internet wrote: "The first two days that I drank the tea with Sumacazon and Illumination in it, I felt tired and dizzy. I had been in so much chronic pain that my whole body was a tense muscle. The tea relaxed me and then about the third day came results that were amazing. Not only did I have energy, but the pain in my foot was gone. I had Plantar's fascitis (inflamation of the heel bone) that I was painfully walking on for over 6 years. The pain in my hip joint was gone. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years. The carpal tunnel pain in my right arm is gone. I am walking on my foot and hip and using my right arm. I cannot tell you how many different herbal remedies I have tried, as well as being a vegetarian for 25 years. Amazon herbs are just amazingly working!"



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