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In March, 1995, I went to the Yucatan with a group under the auspices of Hunbatz Men, the head of the Mayans, for Spring Solstice Solar Initiation Ceremonies. Three Tibetan Lamas participated and we were approximately 400 from all over the world. We visited the major Mayan pyramids, as well as participating in healing ceremonies at Agua Azul in Ciapa.
 Coyote Family of Life
For the first time I was approached by people who did not know me and asked,
"Medicine Woman, can you help me? I have a problem." I was pleased to be able to, which was confirmed to me afterwards. It was not a matter of personal pride, but a joy in being able to assist, using affinity with healing love.

In October, 1995, I participated with the Sunbow 5 Walkers for harmony among all people of the five races or colors of people: white, black, brown, red and yellow. At a ceremony at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City permission was given for the group to enter the grounds. "There is equality in death. Why not equality in life?".

Dream CatcherI have explored many years for health and healing forces, including old fashioned remedies, psychic phenomena and numerology. Everything is God. All joy is God.

Other than an occasional trip to the chiropractor I have no need for medical treatment, drugs or chemicals because my immune system is high and my health is excellent. At age 81, I have no arthritis, osteoporosis, heart trouble, high blood pressure, or illnesses.


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